Finding your perfect audience

Audience targeting is the practice of using data to segment consumers by demographics, interests and behaviors to deliver a well-timed message, on the right device at the perfect moment.

Done well, it also increases the value of your marketing spend and reduces wasted ad spend on the wrong audiences. 


We turn their data into your data

With cross-platform retargeting, we will build an audience of people who have watched your video or engaged with your ads to further increase the efficiency of your spend. Retargeting correctly unlocks the opportunity to tell your story one chapter at a time, building the case for a campus visit. 

It takes, on average, 14 interactions with digital ads before someone will take the next step and contact you. Our cross-platform retargeting campaigns get you there at the most efficient spend possible. 

Demographic Targeting

From number of children and their ages, to household income and net worth, we’ll help you zero in on only the families with the means and motivation to apply to your independent school. 


Behavioral Targeting

Actions speak louder than demographic data. From finding families new to town for your day school, to geofencing parents visiting competing schools, tutors, sports & music academies, we’ve helped our clients significantly increase the efficiency of their media spend. 

Interest Targeting

Along the way we’ve discovered that parents who are interested in certain topics such as educational toys tend to invest more in their child’s schooling. Adding the right interests to the mix increases the chance of finding motivated applicants to your school. 


Take control of your enrollment funnel

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