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About Schoolcraft Digital

Schoolcraft Digital was founded for one purpose, to help primary and secondary private schools reach their prospective families and grow their enrollment using the best marketing strategies and tools available. Having the single focus of marketing only K-12 private education gives us the ability to hone in all the methods and tools used by large digital firms and format them to fit your marketing needs, not the other way around. 

Founders Jesse Meadow and Chris Mitchell are both products of independent schools and believe in the opportunities that go along with private school enrollment. We make client success personal because private schools are personal to us. With our staff bringing years of experience from admissions, development offices and student life departments, we understand the processes and needs you have as an institution and can meet you wherever you are in your marketing evolution.

Add in some of the best digital marketing strategists in the country and you produce a service that encompasses connections to the total process. From what works best in the industry, to what works best for private K-12 schools, to what works best for your campus, Schoolcraft Digital tailors strategy and marketing to each client’s needs.



Meet Our Leadership Team


Jesse Meadow

Managing Director

Jesse brings years of admissions experience in both managing day enrollment and traveling the world for international families giving us complete perspectives of the enrollment process and how to tell your story in the ways that resonate most with families and students.

Chris Mitchell

Co-Founder, Principal

Chris adds years of private school development/advancement and outreach experience to the team, creating the ability to understand the business needs of private schools and how to best reach those needs through digital media.

Marc Lefton

Director of Digital Strategy

Marc has over two-decades of experience working for some of the top marketing firms in the country empowering us to use the best digital tactics, strategies and tools that have proven results time and time again.

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