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We’re on a mission to bring the state-of-the-art tools you need to guide parents through their journey from initial discovery to completed application.

Bring your 
legacy to life


Choosing a private school is a huge decision for parents. Your school’s amazing heritage, accomplishments, and culture are parts of a story we will unfold one chapter at a time. 

Schoolcraft Digital is a combination of experienced admissions executives teamed up with some of the most accomplished digital and creative minds in the industry. 

We know how important it is to finely craft messaging and show it in the right place, at the right time based on where a parent is in their decision making process. 


Historic schools require futuristic tools to stay ahead.

We’re obsessed with bringing the latest technologies to market the rich legacies of private schools in all new ways. 

Marketing to this generation of Millennial parents requires reaching them multiple times efficiently with the right messaging at the perfect time. 

Schoolcraft brings you new capabilities that are: 


Facebook and Google, while still critical parts of the funnel, are expensive. We bring you bulk discounts for digital inventory on the open web that produce the scale and frequency needed to drive home your message.


With 80 major partners offering 10,000 points of data, we can microtarget parents by number of kids and their ages, income, net worth, and even if theyrecently visited another school. 


Our expandable dynamic display banners lets us embed anything you can put on your website anywhere a parent might see your ad. That means autoplaying a video, or embedding an appointment setting form right in a banner.


From retargeting to email automation, we orchestrate your story across all media in a carefully crafted order. 


We pull together data across multiple mediums into one central dashboard so we always know where we stand. This empowers us to obsessively optimize your campaigns at every step of the funnel. 


Emotion is a huge factor in a parent’s decision. We never forget the need to connect with parents in a meaningful way in every step of the process. We make static banners dynamic.We make dynamic banners interactive. And we never forget there’s another human at the other end of that screen. 

Every industry’s success in marketing comes from a devotion to optimizing the funnel. But in a complex sales process, it’s easy to forget there are humans at the other end of our data.

At the end of the day, this is an emotional decision composed of numerous thoughts and considerations about the best investment for the future of their child.

The enrollment marketing funnel reinvented.

There are thousands of agencies who do a great job of digital marketing. We’re one of the select few with specific experience in marketing private schools to understand the subtle nuance that brings sustained growth. 

Discover the
Private School
Enrollment Funnel

Schoolcraft is your partner in mastering the marketing plan that brings you leadsmost efficiently. 


How we work with you:


We’ve worked with dozens of schools and every one of them have different needs. We’ll work with your team to understand your unique situation and craft an action plan. 

Audit and Recommendations

We’ll do a complete and thorough digital audit of your school. We’ll deliver a comprehensive report of where you stand on dozens of areas, along with what are quick short term fixes vs. longer term initiatives. 


Working with your team, we’ll put together the go-to-market strategy that will integrate your internal efforts more efficiently, making the most of your existing resources. 

Ongoing Consulting & Execution

We’re here to both guide your team to perfect what they’re already great at, while bringing new tools and tactics as they appropriately fit. We bring you everything you need and nothing that you don’t. 

Our leadership team brings you a partnership of deep enrollment expertise fused with top digital marketers. ​


Jesse Meadow

Managing Director

Jesse brings years of admissions experience in both managing day enrollment and traveling the world for international families giving us complete perspectives of the enrollment process and how to tell your story in the ways that resonate most with families and students. He’s also the host of our new podcast Open House with Jesse Meadow, highlighting the best and brightest thinkers from independent schools just like yours. 


Chris Mitchell

Co-Founder, Principal

Chris adds years of private school development/advancement and outreach experience to the team, creating the ability to understand the business needs of private schools and how to best reach those needs through digital media.

Marc Lefton

Director of Digital Strategy

Marc has over two-decades of experience working for some of the top marketing firms in the country empowering us to use the best digital tactics, strategies and tools that have proven results time and time again. He has won both national and international awards for creativity and strategy. 


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Episode 1 highlights: Meet the Schoolcraft Leadership team. Discover how we all came together on a mission to perfect digital marketing for independent school enrollment. 

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