Enrollment Marketing Digital Audit

Partner with the Schoolcraft Digital team to create a detailed action plan that will have your team mastering the enrollment marketing funnel.

Step by Step Process 
for Success


Initial Consultation

We’ve worked with dozens of schools and every one of them have different needs. We’ll work with your team to understand your unique situation and craft an action plan.


Audit & Recommendations

Your enrollment team has been working hard to push all the right buttons to convince and convert parents with your marketing spend. But digital marketing changes all the time. And all the things you might be missing can keep you up at night. 

What part of my budget isn’t working? What are our competitors up to? Is there something we’re not thinking about? Are there new trends we need to be aware of?

Schoolcraft Digital’s Enrollment Marketing Midterm Exam is our way to treat your current marketing situation as a critical step along the way of mastering your enrollment funnel. At the end of our comprehensive examination, you’ll have answers, data, opportunity and next steps.

We’ll provide both short and long term action items so you can get some quick wins while keeping your eye firmly on the future. Because the final exam is tough, but fair – and you need to be prepared.

What’s included

A comprehensive audit of your capabilities and an action plan to improve in the following areas: 

Your investment:


(Cost subtracted from next phase if partnership continues) 



Working with your team, we’ll put together the go-to-market strategy that will integrate your internal efforts more efficiently, making the most of your existing resources.


Execution & Ongoing Consulting

Once the plan is in place, we implement and optimize. Letting the data tell us what is working and adapting accordingly. With timely updates to your team, we are able to give results with meaning. As we work together, we will help your team stay up to speed on what we are seeing and the latest marketing trends via one-on-one or group training sessions. 

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