The Writing Assistant Every School Marketer Needs

EduScript is the first of its kind artificial intelligence product specifically designed to support school marketing and communications offices.

Created by school industry natives, this tailor made content writing platform has all the complicated prompt engineering already built in, so you can simply answer a few questions and get perfectly curated copy in the style and context of your specific school in seconds.

Empowering Schools Through Intelligent Tools

EduScript is the first product from Schoolcraft.AI and is set to be a game changer in the school marketing industry. Perfect for one-person operations trying to reach the parents of today, or even large offices that are ready to get more granular with strategy and content production but don’t know where to start. 

Being powered by the latest GPT technology and prompt engineered by AI experts, EduScript delivers “ready to use” copy for whatever project you are working on, and with the context and values of your specific school. 


Create emails with a click of a button. Whether you're sending to prospective families, internal communications, or even current families, EduScript can produce the write context and "voice" for your intended audience.

SEO Copy

Use the latest in AI technology to create engaging and informative website copy using the keywords that make your school first page in search engines.

Blog Articles

Short, long, informative, or persuasive, any style or topic of information can be written and ready for final edits in seconds.


Stop staring at your screen or searching for answers. With EduScript's chat feature you can simply type what's on your mind and begin getting the guidance and answers you need. The ultimate "how to" partner, at your fingertips.

The EduScript Difference

EduScript was built with the latest in prompt engineering tactics and templated areas for contextual reference. This means you copy and paste your schools mission, values, and writing examples and EduScript gives you copy that no longer needs contextual revising. 

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EduScript is built to last and built for you which is why we have staggered its release to a select group of innovators like yourself to utilize and provide feedback before anyone else. 

Our Maiden Members Group will be lightyears ahead and reap the benefits of being “first” in line for a game changing school marketing product.

Make your peers jealous by how much extra time you have to send them funny reels while still producing more content than ever.

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