Our Services for Enrollment Marketing

Historic schools require futuristic tools to stay ahead.

We’re obsessed with bringing the latest technologies to market the rich legacies of private schools in all new ways. 

Marketing to this generation of Millennial parents requires reaching them multiple times efficiently with the right messaging at the perfect time. 

Schoolcraft brings you new capabilities that are:   


Facebook and Google, while still critical parts of the funnel, are expensive. We bring you bulk discounts for digital inventory on the open web that produce the scale and frequency needed to drive home your message.


With 80 major partners offering 10,000 points of data, we can microtarget parents by number of kids and their ages, income, net worth, and even if theyrecently visited another school. 


Our expandable dynamic display banners lets us embed anything you can put on your website anywhere a parent might see your ad. That means autoplaying a video, or embedding an appointment setting form right in a banner.


From retargeting to email automation, we orchestrate your story across all media in a carefully crafted order. 


We pull together data across multiple mediums into one central dashboard so we always know where we stand. This empowers us to obsessively optimize your campaigns at every step of the funnel. 


Emotion is a huge factor in a parent’s decision. We never forget the need to connect with parents in a meaningful way in every step of the process. We make static banners dynamic.We make dynamic banners interactive. And we never forget there’s another human at the other end of that screen. 

Some of our unique offerings

Data Targeting

Define and target your ideal family
We partner with over 80 data providers offering more than 10,000 targeting options giving us the capabilities to create and market your school to the families you are searching for, no matter how specific. We have the ability to focus on high wealth parents, specific localities, and even narrow down by number and age of children. We use this type of targeting as well as numerous other strategies we’ve found effective to focus your message to families with the means and motivation to send their kids to private school.

Programmatic Media

Tell your school story everywhere parents are online
We have access to trillions of impressions outside of the walled gardens of Facebook and Google. We are able to directly bid and buy media on various platforms throughout the digital space without going through a middleman. Our preferred agency rates allows us to be more cost effective and extremely dynamic in how we engage with families.

Connected TV

Validate your messaging with TV ads
Connected TV (CTV) uses the internet to stream content to a television, typically through applications that are accessible by Smart TVs or devices like Apple TV, Roku, Xbox or Playstation. This gives your school the legitimacy in the eyes of parents that you’re running actual television commercials vs. display ads or sending a brochure but with the precision targeting of social media.


Target parents based on where they’ve been
One of the most effective ways for us to find motivated parents who are highly involved in their children’s education is through geofencing. Using the location of their mobile device, we’re able to pinpoint critical places they’ve been such as competing schools, tutoring centers such as Sylvan, or sports academies.

Using this data, we’re then able to serve any kind of digital ad to your target to build your story, and drive more campus tours.

Social Media

Bring your story to life in the media parents engage in
Understanding each social channel and what content works best for each platform is the key to creating an experience they won’t forget. Whether your growing followers, increasing subscriptions or getting registrations for your events, let us show you how to get the most efficiency our of your paid social advertisements.

Expandable Display Banners

Powerful interaction without leaving the website your target visits
Our expandable display inventory empowers your target family to view a video or book an appointment right in the banner. Hovering over it expands it automatically, revealing a rich media experience that delivers high engagement and results.


US & Global Targeting

Boost your domestic boarding population
Using similar tactics to put your school in front of decision making and qualified parents locally, Schoolcraft Digital can expand that reach nationwide, adding a domestic boarding component to your marketing campaign.

Find new students anywhere in the world
While we primarily focus on the US market, we do have access to global inventory as well. Because every country has different laws in terms of email acquisition and data targeting capabilities, we will customize a proposal based on the countries you’re targeting.

Take control of your enrollment funnel

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