Show your school’s video on major network television with no minimum spend.

What is OTT & Connected TV?

Over the Top (OTT) is TV content that is served over the internet. Connected TV (CTV) advertising is the placement of video (commercials) on connected TV devices to reach viewers through emerging devices like Roku, SlingTV, Amazon, etc via their Full Episode Players (FEP).

Example: You can watch The Office (FEP) on SlingTV (OTT) via an Amazon Fire TV Stick (CTV) .


TV buys

The advantage of these placements vs. traditional media spends is we use our programmatic targeting capabilities and your retargeting universe to show the ads. Meaning parents will see your videos on network shows as if you’re a big spender, when in fact you’re only paying to show it to exactly who needs to see it, at agency bulk pricing.

Large Reach

75% of US Broadband households connect CTV devices to the internet. Inventory includes major devices and networks like Roku, Fox, Hulu, CNN, A&E, SlingTV and many more. 


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