We are very excited to be a part of this year’s EMA ac21. Be sure to stop by and say hello to Jesse and Chris (pictured on the right). This event is always a great time that brings us all together and inspires new plans of action for independent schools across the industry. The sessions are always informative but the biggest trend I have seen from the list of breakouts is the need for digital enhancements in many departments

The families of today are digital natives and whether you’re kicking off a capital campaign, promoting a community event, or mastering the enrollment funnel of today, you are going to need to reach them digitally and in new and engaging ways. 


Jesse Meadow

Managing Director


Chris Mitchell

Co-Founder, Principal

Schoolcraft Digital was founded for one purpose, to help primary and secondary independent schools reach their prospective families and grow their enrollment using the best marketing strategies and tools available. Having the single focus of marketing only K-12 private education gives us the ability to hone all the methods and tools used by large digital firms and format them to fit your marketing needs, not the other way around.

If we didn’t get a chance to speak with you at the conference or want to continue our conversation further, schedule a consult with us and learn what digital strategies would work best for you. 

We grew up in independent schools and as professionals led development, residential, and admissions departments. Together, these experiences give us a unique understanding of the value of private education and the enrollment challenges that schools face each year. Simply put, we want to help your institution reach every qualified family we can because we know the life-long benefits independent schools offer to their students, their families, and their community."

— Jesse Meadow, Co-Founder

How We Help Our Partners

Strategy & Planning

Being able to break the cycle of “random acts” of marketing is a normal goal for many admissions and marcom departments. Luckily, we build this habit through envisioning the whole year and strategizing marketing touches for just the right time & just the right place in the enrollment funnel.

Creative Development

We value our engaging partnership in the creative process since every school has a unique history, brand, and story to tell. Through this collaboration, we take on and design creative that tells that story, one chapter at a time, with captivating digital ads for every stage of the
enrollment funnel.

Media Buying

Having unique access to hundreds of data providers and placement platforms enables us to focus our approach holistically with precision audience targeting every step of the way. We expand our partner school’s digital presence by placing their story in front of parents no matter where
they are online.

Analytics & Optimization

We focus obsessively on the most unique benefit of digital marketing: real-time analytics and optimization, ensuring marketing dollars are being spent as efficiently and effectively as possible.

How We Work With You