Building the Bridge

A Tuition Reset Case Study

When the TNS Board of Trustees and Admin decided to do a Tuition Reset Campaign in 2021, I chose SchoolCraft to help with our marketing plan and strategy. Jesse and his team were instrumental in the success of the campaign, allowing us to reach prospective families all over Northwest Arkansas! Since partnering with Schoolcraft, we have seen enrollment increases in all divisions each year.
Jack Sweeney
Assistant Head of School for Advancement

The Situation

The New School is a co-ed independent day school located in Northwest Arkansas. With some major administration changes and increases in tuition during the 2017-2018 school year, TNS saw worrisome enrollment drops across all levels for the next 3 years. 

The school needed to seriously consider the local family’s ability to keep up with an annual increase in tuition pricing. After many months of research, meetings and deliberations, the board approved a Tuition Reset for the 2020-2021 school year. 

The Challenge

There needed to be a marketing campaign that reached the entire TNS community, both current and prospective families with messaging that built trust, celebrated the school’s 50th Anniversary, and also promoted the unique value propositions of TNS.

Furthermore, the message to the community could only be “new” and “fresh” for one enrollment season so it had to be spread quickly, efficiently, and numerously to have a chance at achieving the desired results on the budget. 

The Solution

The New School decided to do a 100% digital marketing campaign and brought in our team to strategize and plan the rollout for both current families and prospective families in the area.

The Schoolcraft team built a multi-channel marketing campaign that would build awareness of the tuition reset in the local community, encourage action from engaged prospective families, and finally drive conversions in the form of completed applications. 

Utilizing paid and organic social advertising, geofencing and programmatic targeting, as well as Google search ads, the Tuition Reset campaign was launched to the entire school community and prospective families in the area. 

The Results

The enrollment team at the New School were reinvigorated with 20% more families re-enrolled than the same time the year prior. There were large increases in ghost applicants and tours and by the end of March there were 51% more new students enrolled and a 500% increase in scheduled tours YTD.

Overall, we delivered over 700,000 impressions with a click through rate 176% above industry averages all while building a retargeting universe size of 378,323.

Check out this episode of the Open House Podcast with Jesse Meadow, where we spoke with Jack Sweeney about the Tuition Reset and how enrollment has been changed in the years since. 

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